MQCC™ ECONOMIGRANT®: ISO 9001:2015-Risk-Based, Quality Managed, Global Economic Immigration & Citizenship

Congratulations! You have "made it" in your country of birth. You have accomplished your occupational goals in business, education, arts, athletics or any other field, with distinction. Along with your success, you have achieved financial goals. The world is a big place and you want to explore it. You might even be interested in living permanently in another part of the world; or, possibly even obtain citizenship in another part of the world. will help you find a country that provides immigration and citizenship opportunities on the basis of not only your accomplishments but also your economic and financial strength.

These programs have different names, including:

- Business Immigration Program
- Investor Immigration Program (including non-immigration, Investment Lending Program)
- Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Simple steps:

1 - Register yourself by emailing your name, contact information to: info[at]

2 - Log in and browse through the economic immigration programs from various countries.

3 - If there is a program that fits your needs, in a country of your choosing, then apply.   

Countries Need You

Canada, USA, England (Great Britain), Australia, and many more. What do they have in common? The need you! They need people who are successful, either through academics or business. These countries need immigration to replace their aging population and to enhance their knowledge-base. Many countries are lacking highly-qualified, skilled individuals within their marketplace.

Often, the immigration and citizenship process is often very complicated, drawn-out and daunting. One way to reduce the aggravation of this process is to apply for immigration through economic channels. Specifically, if you invest a certain amount of money into a country, you would be able to fast-track the immigration process for yourself and your family.

Many countries in every region of the world (North have economic based immigration & citizenship programs of some type. 

North America (including Carribean)
South America
Oceana (including Pacific-Rim)
Some countries include: (this is NOT a complete list)

Canada (two programs: Quebec Program and Other Provinces Program)
United Kingdom
United States
And many more countries - contact us for more information.


Investors and International Family Offices Welcome™

With MQCC™: Create your Own Risk-Based, ISO 9001:2015 Registered Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Bank to establish a business presence! 

Investors and Family Offices may license the MQCC™ mortgage quality control and compliance suite of Systems, Technology, Services and Products to create private equity mortgage (PEM®) mortgage banking services in your new country-of-choice. 

Creating your mortgage banking operations provides the maximum control, and offers lower risk than investing in third party companies; and lower volatility.

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Economic Immigration Works!

The idea of economic immigration works. The question is, which country is best for you? We can help you with finding the right answer.

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